Nooit Hetzelfde

01/12/2016By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Jambo! Al weer ruim twee weken terug uit Kenia. Je zou denken dat het gaat vervelen om telkens in dezelfde periode naar dezelfde plek in hetzelfde land te gaan, maar niets is minder waar. De dieren hebben immers hun eigen agenda en bepalen wat we wanneer te zien krijgen. Waar we bijvoorbeeld vorig jaar heel … Read More

Shadows in the Dark

17/06/2015By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Probably the most sought after subject on a photographic safari to Africa is the majestic and elusive leopard. Because of their secretive nature and perfect camouflage, they are hard to spot (pun intended). Lurking in the dense foliage of riverine forest or the undergrowth of more open savanna, we will often be very close to … Read More

Mexican Standoff

22/07/2014By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Our family holiday this year took us to the Kruger national park in South Africa. It was my fourth visit to the park and although it feels like coming home when entering through one of the gates, it is alway a guess what nature is willing to present to us during our stay. In that … Read More

Under African Skies

11/02/2014By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Not a lot of photography last weekend, at least not in the active sense of the noun. I spent two days at the NVN nature photo festival, passively watching a lot of great work on the big screen. I am not going to summarize the event, others have done that already. Suffice to say I … Read More

Cruel Intentions

03/12/2013By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Most memorable moment of the week took place on our very last afternoon drive. When we went out, a torrential downpour came down from the heavens. With the sideflaps closed, it soon became hot and damp in the vehicle and the view through the plastic windows was mediocre at best. The setting outside was gloomy. … Read More

The Fast and the Furious

26/11/2013By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

One of the many highlights of our week in the Masai Mara was being a witness to a Cheetah kill. We followed a female Cheetah that was strolling around a viewpoint hilltop, seemingly at random. Our guides knew better, they had a perfect idea about what she was up to and they informed us that … Read More