Welcome to the Titty Inn

24/11/2008By MarijnBirds

I have a serious confession to make: I like tits. As this is a nature photography website, I hope I do not have to explain what kind of tits I mean. Tits are cheerful little birds that can be found everywhere. Everyone knows the Great Tits and Blue Tits that visit about every single garden … Read More

Bad Hairday

18/11/2008By MarijnBirds

Now that the temperatures are dropping and natural food sources are becoming scarce, the feeding station attracts more and more hungry guests. Great Tits were the first to find the banquet feast, followed shortly by Nuthatches, Blue Tits and Robins. Two weeks later, Willow Tits checked the perimeters of the feeding area and are now … Read More

Schizophrenic treehugger

11/11/2008By MarijnBirds

With not much on my current photographic shortlist and some time to spare, it seemed like a good idea to spend a few hours in my permanent forest hide to check the situation. I was happy to see that the feeding frenzy had finally started. As usual, the great tits formed the majority of the … Read More


06/11/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Landscapes

Some time ago, I entered a blog about panblurring. In short, panning a flying or running subject with a relatively slow shutterspeed will render the subject sharp and the background as pleasantly colored streaks. With non-moving subjects, you can extend the technique to what is known as zoomblurring. Just frame your subject as you always … Read More

Mysterious ways

31/10/2008By MarijnBirds

For today, the forecast was a clear day with possibly some fog. So I headed for the local forest again to photograph a spectacular sunrise. Too bad, the weather was drab and gloomy, so no sun and no fog and nothing that even vaguely resembled a spectacular sunrise. Next stop was a heathland moor where … Read More

Autumn fever

27/10/2008By MarijnLandscapes

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The forests and parks sport an amazing variety of colors, there’s a certain smell in the air that I really like and the mornings are often foggy and crisp at the same time. (Maybe I should also mention that I am getting married in autumn, more specifically … Read More