Of mice and men

21/10/2008By MarijnMammals

Last weekend, my significant other and I did an inventory in a nearby woodland for mice, voles and shrews. Over the course of two days, we did 5 check-ups of the 100 lifetraps we had placed, spread over spots with varying vegetation (woodland, heather, grainfields). We trapped over one hundred mice and voles, but just … Read More

Are you nuts?

15/10/2008By MarijnMammals

That’s what the squirrel that features this photo must have thought when it saw me lying on the floor behind my camera, halfway into our living room with the garden door wide open. In autumn 2006, this little chap came to visit our small garden every day at the exact same time to feed on … Read More

Argus 2008 finalist

09/10/2008By MarijnAwards, Birds

2008 seems to become a rather succesful year. After having won this years Grasduinen competition, I am very happy to announce that my image of a common blackbird singing on a streetlight was chosen as a finalist in the ‘night’ category of the 2008 Argus photo contest. Whether my photo is awarded a prize, a … Read More

Naturescapes.net article

03/10/2008By MarijnUncategorized

No, unfortunately the book cover to the left is not mine. It’s the cover to Andy Rouse’s latest coffee table book titled “Concepts of Nature”. I’m a huge fan of both coffee and Andy’s work, and his latest book is no exception. In the book, Andy describes the process he has recently gone through as … Read More

Grasduinen win – II

29/09/2008By MarijnAwards, Mammals

Last Saturday, I attended the award ceremony for the 2008 Grasduinen contest in Baarn. The 14 best photos (according to the jury) have been printed (very) large and are on display in Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn until January 14. I was very happy to hear that the enormous print of my winning squirrel image is … Read More

Return of the King

26/09/2008By MarijnBirds

I’m currently a bit in a slow mode photography wise. Over the last weeks, I put most of my energy and creativity into placing a fixed hide in a local forest with the idea to set up a permanent feeding station and drinking/bathing pool for songbirds, raptors and roe deer. Now that the hide is … Read More