Little things

15/09/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Last weekend, I went to the Veluwe to see and hopefully photograph red deer and wild boar. Unfortunately, weather conditions were not suitable for photography with lots of rain and dark, gloomy skies. So although we did see lots of deer and boar and had a great time (thanks, Ed!), we were not able to … Read More

Improving highlight detail

08/09/2008By MarijnBirds, Uncategorized

It is always a pleasure to be able to photograph a Common Kingfisher, our most colorful bird. However, they are notoriously difficult to expose correctly. At least, if you don’t want to burn the highlights on the white cheek patch. If you expose the kingfisher correctly, the white patch will come out too light or … Read More

Grasduinen win!

05/09/2008By MarijnAwards, Mammals

I am very happy and proud to announce that my image of a red squirrel in a snow flurry has won the 2008 Grasduinen Photo Competition, a competition that many nature and wildlife photographers strive to win. The photo is published in the September issue of Grasduinen magazine and can also be seen printed large … Read More

Images from the past

01/09/2008By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

You know how these things go…you return from a nice phototrip and immediately start to process your favourite RAW files. But of course, during the weeks to follow, you go out again and start to take new photographs. And as the newest photos tend to become the new favourites, you process them first. This way, … Read More

The lion sleeps tonight

27/08/2008By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Well…not only tonight. Actually, lions sleep most of the day and generally only hunt during the night or very early morning hours. That means that whenever you come across a pride of lions during a game drive, chances are about 100% that they will be lazying around. That does not make for very interesting photos. … Read More

Backyard habitat

23/08/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Although I love to go on a photographic holiday, either in the Netherlands or someplace far away, the far majority of my images is taken in a nature reserve very close to my home, or even in my own backyard. Visiting a place near your home over and over again enables you to get to … Read More