Backyard habitat

23/08/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Although I love to go on a photographic holiday, either in the Netherlands or someplace far away, the far majority of my images is taken in a nature reserve very close to my home, or even in my own backyard. Visiting a place near your home over and over again enables you to get to … Read More

Festival time

19/08/2008By MarijnAwards

The last three months of the year are festival time in Europe. In October, November and December, all of the premier nature photography festivals of the continent take place. Here is a short overview: Luxemburg: October 10 and 11, with Brutus Östling and Edwin GiesbersGermany: October 24-26, with Klaus Nigge and Orsolya HaarbergFrance: November 20-23, … Read More

ND Grad filters

14/08/2008By MarijnLandscapes

When photographing landscapes, especially during sunrise and sunset, the difference in light levels between the foreground and background (mostly sky) is often too large for the camera sensor to cope with. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. The old fashioned way is to use ND Grad filters at the time of shooting. The bottom … Read More

Shorter focal lengths

10/08/2008By MarijnBirds

My 500mm lens is currently under repair because of some cosmetic damage it got from when I dropped it on a concrete pavement some time ago. My next longest lens is a 70-200/4, quite a gap in milimeters! When I found two immature kingfishers near my home, I decided to give it a try with … Read More

Tritone conversion

06/08/2008By MarijnUncategorized

Today a travel image from Marrakesh, taken last year. I liked the original color image a lot, but felt it would convey the dark ‘tea-house-mood’ better in B&W. Instead of a plain B&W conversion, I chose tritone, a technique that gives an ‘antique’ feel to your image. Basically, it’s just B&W with two colors added … Read More

Follow the crowds

05/08/2008By MarijnUncategorized

Well, normally I try to go my own way in photography and I hate following the crowds. For this one time, I had to make an exception and be the next in (the long) line of people to have their own weblog. But for a reason: I simply cannot find the time to update my … Read More