Fresh Snow Drops

05/03/2009By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

Last weekend, I found a part of our small garden covered with fresh snow drops. Not your typical crystal-shaped packages of frozen water that fall from the cloudy winter sky, but beautiful white flowers from a bulbous plant. And that means spring is here! The first signs of spring have been visible and audible for … Read More


06/11/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Landscapes

Some time ago, I entered a blog about panblurring. In short, panning a flying or running subject with a relatively slow shutterspeed will render the subject sharp and the background as pleasantly colored streaks. With non-moving subjects, you can extend the technique to what is known as zoomblurring. Just frame your subject as you always … Read More

Little things

15/09/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Last weekend, I went to the Veluwe to see and hopefully photograph red deer and wild boar. Unfortunately, weather conditions were not suitable for photography with lots of rain and dark, gloomy skies. So although we did see lots of deer and boar and had a great time (thanks, Ed!), we were not able to … Read More

Backyard habitat

23/08/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Although I love to go on a photographic holiday, either in the Netherlands or someplace far away, the far majority of my images is taken in a nature reserve very close to my home, or even in my own backyard. Visiting a place near your home over and over again enables you to get to … Read More