Ijzig Prikje

13/03/2016By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Toch nog een beetje winter in Nederland meegepikt! Tussen de foto’s van sneeuw en ijs uit de Lofoten door een kunstwerkje van moeder natuur dichtbij huis. Ik wilde even de hond uitlaten gisterochtend maar senor Choco moest een paar minuutjes wachten toen ik dit op mijn autoruit aantrof. Volgend jaar bied ik een 8-daagse fotoreis … Read More

Ode to Eau

18/09/2015By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Water. Not only a source of life but also a continuous and never-ending source of photographic inspiration. It moves or stands still, it reflects its surroundings or the sky above, it’s the origin of morning mist and the home to lots of birds, mammals and other creatures. I keep returning to locations that feature larger … Read More

Parking Lot Art

20/01/2015By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Two weeks since I last touched the camera. The weather just does not work for me and inspiration is lacking too. But I don’t mind, I spent some enjoyable time walking around, preparing possible projects and had some great sightings of roe deer and even a few wild boar with newborn piglets on the way. … Read More


16/12/2014By MarijnAbstract & Macro

I consider myself an allround nature photographer, not a specialist of any kind. I can take a decent landscape, abstract or wildlife image, but don’t exceed in any discipline. Sometimes it bugs me to be not ‘known’ for a certain kind of images, sometimes I am happy to be able to take images of any … Read More

Let it Go

28/11/2014By MarijnAbstract & Macro

The first signs of the end of autumn and the start of winter are there. I missed the most beautiful morning but got my little share of frost when I found all kinds of frosty patterns on the stumps of what once were trees on the shaded part of a small patch of woodland. Just … Read More

Une Pièce de la Hoegne

05/11/2014By MarijnAbstract & Macro

About a week ago, I teamed up with Mr Hoegne himself, Michel Lucas, and spent two days in Belgium’s wonderful High Fens area to shoot autumn colors along the numerous streams. On Sunday we made the wise decision to forgo the Hoegne river as it is the most touristic stream of them all and can … Read More