From Fungus to Faeces

03/10/2014By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

Although most of my time has been spent on the Red Deer rutting season over the past weeks, I always keep my eye open for other subjects too. On the way home, I noticed dozens of Hare’s Foot Inkcaps in the wayside. These are my favourite fungi because of their beautiful translucent, Japanese paperlike, bodies. … Read More

Golden Turtle

04/03/2014By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Awards

For a change, some good news from Russia. Google Translate told me I achieved a highly commended in the Art in Nature category of the Golden Turtle contest with my image titled ‘watercolors in the rain’. It features a beautifully colored tree of unknown species, growing in a parking lot in the middle of my … Read More

Guess What?

20/02/2014By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Misery likes company, and it seems I am the perfect companion for the miserable weather of lately. I have been retracing my digital steps in the archive and my last great sunrise was both in another year and another continent! Since November last year, I never found myself looking up at the sky in amazament … Read More

Blurred Lines

21/01/2014By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Blurred lines, that was what I was planning on doing over the past weekend. And it was all I had to play with in the end, for all other subjects failed terribly. I spent a good amount of time waiting at a small rainpool on the forest path, where about once a day a flock … Read More

Not Meant To Be

22/10/2013By MarijnAbstract & Macro

If last week I was a little on edge, by now I should be over the edge. After several weeks with hardly any time for nature photography, I was really looking forward to a regular Monday morning dedicated to my hobby. No pressure, several hours to spend and a few subjects in mind. I got … Read More

Daedalus and Icarus

03/09/2013By MarijnAbstract & Macro

Several weeks ago, just before the heather was supposed to come into bloom, I was a bit undecided about where to go and what to shoot on my day off. I made a last minute decision to check out a very small nature reserve at a side of town that I had never visited before. It … Read More