Cruel Intentions

03/12/2013By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Most memorable moment of the week took place on our very last afternoon drive. When we went out, a torrential downpour came down from the heavens. With the sideflaps closed, it soon became hot and damp in the vehicle and the view through the plastic windows was mediocre at best. The setting outside was gloomy. … Read More

The Fast and the Furious

26/11/2013By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

One of the many highlights of our week in the Masai Mara was being a witness to a Cheetah kill. We followed a female Cheetah that was strolling around a viewpoint hilltop, seemingly at random. Our guides knew better, they had a perfect idea about what she was up to and they informed us that … Read More

The Spotted Cat That Shall Not Be Named

19/11/2013By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

This image comes with a story. Well, every image does, but this story needs to be told. I have a thing with leopards, and it is not a good thing, except that they are my favorite African animal. They are secretive and elusive by nature, but somehow they elude me more than other people. Over … Read More

Amazing Greys

06/12/2011By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

I promised myself to not start a rant about the weather on an average Friday morning. Instead, please be referred to my latetst batch of blogpostst and just rewind/replay over and over again. Last weekend, I did try some ‘after-sunset’ landscapes with very long shutterspeeds. I liked the first resultst, but not really worthy to … Read More

His Royal Highness

30/06/2011By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

A safari trip to South Africa of course would not be complete without sightings of the undisputed king of the savannah: the Lion (Panthera leo, Leeuw). Mostly, we came across lone male Lions, only on one occasion did we see a larger pride.¬†This pride had killed a huge Buffalo in the morning and when we … Read More

Mr. Ferocious

21/06/2011By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

When checking in for our stay at Tamboti tented camp, the staff told us there was a resident Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis, Honingdas) who visited the tents at night. We should just ignore it and everything would be fine.On the one hand, I looked forward to meeting the badger. They are mainly nocturnal and therefore … Read More