Return of the King

26/09/2008By MarijnBirds

I’m currently a bit in a slow mode photography wise. Over the last weeks, I put most of my energy and creativity into placing a fixed hide in a local forest with the idea to set up a permanent feeding station and drinking/bathing pool for songbirds, raptors and roe deer. Now that the hide is … Read More

Pan blurring

19/09/2008By MarijnBirds

Here in the Netherlands, we are not really blessed with the best of weather. Very often, we are presented with dark, gloomy days, not really the ultimate circumstances for photography. Nonetheless, it is possible to produce interesting photographs on those days. For example, you could try to take flightshots with slow shutterspeeds. If you manage … Read More

Improving highlight detail

08/09/2008By MarijnBirds, Uncategorized

It is always a pleasure to be able to photograph a Common Kingfisher, our most colorful bird. However, they are notoriously difficult to expose correctly. At least, if you don’t want to burn the highlights on the white cheek patch. If you expose the kingfisher correctly, the white patch will come out too light or … Read More

Shorter focal lengths

10/08/2008By MarijnBirds

My 500mm lens is currently under repair because of some cosmetic damage it got from when I dropped it on a concrete pavement some time ago. My next longest lens is a 70-200/4, quite a gap in milimeters! When I found two immature kingfishers near my home, I decided to give it a try with … Read More