20/06/2014By MarijnBirds

Today marks three months of active absence from the world wide web. A combination of finding myself in not the best phase of my life and an accute tiredness with the (lacking) essence of FB and the attitude (as it appeared to me) of the nature photo community as a whole made me decide to … Read More

Hole in my Sole

12/03/2014By MarijnBirds

There’s a hole, in my sole. Well, actually not in my sole, but at an even less pleasant part of my wading suit. A place where the sun don’t shine and that does not rhyme with hole (actually, it does…). I went to photograph Moor Frogs in their blue prime. There were dozens plopping their … Read More

Starling Startling

14/01/2014By MarijnBirds

Mini-murmuration, here I come. That was the final sentence of my previous post. And a sentence it became (probably not my final one). I went, oh yes, I did. But the starlings did not. Somehow over the last week the starlings decided en masse that their roosting site was no longer suitable as a group … Read More


06/01/2014By MarijnBirds

Another year, another amount of (inclement) weather, another box of chocolates to open, not knowing what’s in there for you. I started the year at the local fishing ponds. Weather is not suitable at all for landscape photography and I myself am missing the inspiration and drive to make something fantastic out of nearly nothing. … Read More

This Is The End

27/12/2013By MarijnBirds

This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten Feel the earth move and then Hear my heart burst again This is it, my final blogpost for 2013 and probably the last photo for me to have taken this year too. I like it, so a positive ending to another year, a year … Read More

A Different Shade of Grey

17/12/2013By MarijnBirds

At the end of last week,  the weekend rapidly approaching, the weather forecast fit perfectly in the inverse flow I thought I was in. But fortunately, predicting the weather correctly more than one hour ahead seems difficult if not impossible. I thought I was doomed to go out under leaden skies and had decided to take … Read More