Pioneer Plover

23/07/2013By MarijnBirds

With the Little Owl project having come to and end, I found myself pondering about photographic subjects to bridge the gap until the heather is in full bloom and nights start to cool off. Some time ago, I found several pairs of Little Ringed Plover (Charadrius dubius; Kleine Plevier) at recently created ponds with sandy … Read More

The Night Shift

09/07/2013By MarijnBirds

Although I was rather pleased with the results from my first late night session, I was not sure about the busy, leafy background. Since the background was very close to the flight path of the Little Owl, there was absolutely no way I could both light the owl in a pleasing way and keep the … Read More

Late Night Sessions

01/07/2013By MarijnBirds

Normally around this time of the year, I would probably complain about those ungodly early wake-ups and the lack of decent sunrises. Not this time, as fate made me drastically change my schedule. The last week I have been photographing at hours when the light has already long gone to darker places. Why? Because of … Read More

Family Matters

26/06/2013By MarijnBirds

Next chapter in the Little Owl saga, or should I say soap? The male has definitely left the scene and consequences became clear before long. After I had not seen the male on Sunday and Monday, I went back on Wednesday for a quick check on the situation, since I was a little worried. For a … Read More

Gone with the Wind

18/06/2013By MarijnBirds

Gone with the Wind, vaporized into thin air, fled from family life, written out of the show. Or a victim to traffic (highly unlikely),  predated by a raptor, captured by a fat housecat? We’ll probably never know but the fact is that I have not seen the male Little Owl since last Friday. I spent two … Read More

Peering Eyes

04/06/2013By MarijnBirds

Following up on the previous post, Thursday had us say goodbye to ‘opa Bim’ for the very last time, after only a few days in the hospital. So the last week has been a very emotional and hectic ride, with his final travel yet to come. Of course photography was not on my mind at … Read More