Fire in the Sky

19/07/2009By MarijnLandscapes

Summertime. For many people, it’s finally the time of the year they have been looking forward to for months. Not for me. First, I don’t have any holiday plans, I work throughout the summer. And more important: summer to me represents a period with few (and early) hours of beautiful light, birds moulding high up … Read More

Unleash the ratio

13/02/2009By MarijnLandscapes

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be overconservative when it comes to cropping my images. Somewhere in my mind is this absurd little voice that forces me not to deviate from the ‘out-of-camera’ ratio of 3:2. So even when a different ratio would lead to a result that is more pleasing to … Read More

Into the light

05/01/2009By MarijnLandscapes

We’ve passed the shortest day of the year and daytime hours slowly increase again. The good news is that it implies an increase in photography time too. The downside is that we’ll have to get out of bed a bit earlier each day to be out at sunrise. A more filosofical approach to “into the … Read More


06/11/2008By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Landscapes

Some time ago, I entered a blog about panblurring. In short, panning a flying or running subject with a relatively slow shutterspeed will render the subject sharp and the background as pleasantly colored streaks. With non-moving subjects, you can extend the technique to what is known as zoomblurring. Just frame your subject as you always … Read More

Autumn fever

27/10/2008By MarijnLandscapes

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The forests and parks sport an amazing variety of colors, there’s a certain smell in the air that I really like and the mornings are often foggy and crisp at the same time. (Maybe I should also mention that I am getting married in autumn, more specifically … Read More

ND Grad filters

14/08/2008By MarijnLandscapes

When photographing landscapes, especially during sunrise and sunset, the difference in light levels between the foreground and background (mostly sky) is often too large for the camera sensor to cope with. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. The old fashioned way is to use ND Grad filters at the time of shooting. The bottom … Read More