22/04/2016By MarijnMammals

Waarschijnlijk kan ik de verleiding niet weerstaan om op zoek te gaan naar jonge vosjes. Tijd om belopen bouwen te gaan zoeken dus, de eerste verkenning leverde twee potentiële plekken op. Of ze er ook echt wonen is altijd maar de vraag. Vossen fotograferen kost veel tijd en geduld en dus is het prettig dat … Read More


06/10/2015By MarijnMammals

The Red Deer rutting season has come to an end. No more bellowing in the misty and dark blue hour before dawn. No more warm breaths lit by the rising sun. No more peeing on yourself with no one questioning your behavior (deer, not photographers). No more chasing away competitors with smaller antlers. No more … Read More

Shadows in the Dark

17/06/2015By MarijnAfrica, Mammals

Probably the most sought after subject on a photographic safari to Africa is the majestic and elusive leopard. Because of their secretive nature and perfect camouflage, they are hard to spot (pun intended). Lurking in the dense foliage of riverine forest or the undergrowth of more open savanna, we will often be very close to … Read More

When you were young

27/05/2015By MarijnMammals

Can we climb this mountain I don’t know Higher now than ever before I know we can make it if we take it slow Let’s take it easy Easy now, watch it go We’re burning down the highway skyline On the back of a hurricane that started turning When you were young When you were … Read More


19/05/2015By MarijnMammals

The first two weeks of spring were spent in Tuscany for a family holiday. We had a wonderful time in a beautiful, albeit fully manmade, landscape. From the cottage, we had great views over the rolling Tuscan hills. Swallows and martins picked up drowned refugees from the swimming pool during the day, being replaced by … Read More

Wherever I May Roam

23/09/2014By MarijnMammals

…and with dust in throat I crave To the game you stay a slave Rover wanderer Nomad vagabond Call me what you will …and the earth becomes my throne I adapt to the unknown Under wandering stars I’ve grown By myself but not alone I ask no one Rutting Red Deer stag; Canon 5D Mark … Read More