Walk this Way

15/10/2012By MarijnPlants & Fungi

  That’s exactly what I did yesterday: I went for a walk. Weather had been dismal all weekend and the weatherman promised a slightly less dismal Sunday morning. When I opened the front door, it immediately got obvious that the perspective of a decent sunrise was going to be an illusion. Thus my favourite playground … Read More

The Confetti Incident

26/03/2012By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

  A beautiful morning was predicted, so with good hopes I went to a tiny nature reserve with (very) wet grasslands. In summer, one can find orchids and lots of insects there. In early spring, it’s a good place for True Oxlip (Primulia elatior, Slanke Sleutelbloem). I had plans to silhouette the translucent flowers against … Read More

Jewels of Spring

05/03/2012By MarijnPlants & Fungi

With a slight flu having the better of me for most of the weekend, I for once did not mind to see the weather was greyish. I only went out for a very short photographic stint when I felt a little better than bad. Nothing spectacular, just trying to get something worthwhile out of a bunch … Read More


15/11/2011By MarijnLandscapes, Plants & Fungi

It seems we’re in a transitional period. Last weekend, temperatures were relatively mild, with full sun and still colorful leaves on the treebranches. Today, when writing this, temperatures have plummeted below zero, the ground is white from frost and many trees have lost their last vegetation. Weather experts have warned for a horror winter: ice and … Read More

The Warden’s Wife

18/10/2011By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

After the rainy days of last week, fungi really seem to pop up like daisies. The ones from two weeks ago have rapidly faded and returned to their soily underground residences, but new ones abound. I had teamed up with fellow photographer Wilco Dragt to spend the day with fungus photography. The first few hours … Read More

Tungsten Fungi

10/10/2011By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

The weekend was spent with the family in a nice little cottage amidst beautiful surroundings. Of course the camera was part of the inventory, but I only took shots of people, mainly our wonderful 1-year old daughter. I won’t litter the blog with family snapshots, so here’s another fungus photograph from last week. Yet again … Read More