Fungus Frenzy

20/09/2009By MarijnPlants & Fungi

Autumn is getting closer by the day. Although temperatures are still very pleasant during the datytime, nights are getting quite chilly and leaves are starting to loose their color. A good time to start looking for the first fungi and toadstools. We set out with a small group of photographers from our local nature photography … Read More

When summer ends

13/09/2009By MarijnPlants & Fungi

It has been a while since my last post, for which I had two very good reasons. Reason 1: I did not go out to photograph a lot and when I did, weather and subjects were not willing to cooperate. So not a lot of new work to show. Reason 2: I spent quite a … Read More

Fields of Gold

23/08/2009By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

This abstract image of a grainfield was a nice sidecatch to a morning spent on roe deer. The spikes looked wonderful, almost like thousands of little flames, against the light of the mid-morning sun. The light had gotten already too harsh for roe deer images, so I decided to take a go at the grainfield. … Read More

In Bloom

29/04/2009By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

As some of you may have noticed, I have started to broaden my photographic view. Although I still love to photograph birds, I find myself more and more photographing insects, landscapes, mammals and abstracts. With insects, abstracts, landscapes and flowers, you can take all the time you need to finetune your composition and exposure. Every … Read More

Fresh Snow Drops

05/03/2009By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

Last weekend, I found a part of our small garden covered with fresh snow drops. Not your typical crystal-shaped packages of frozen water that fall from the cloudy winter sky, but beautiful white flowers from a bulbous plant. And that means spring is here! The first signs of spring have been visible and audible for … Read More