03/10/2008By MarijnUncategorized

No, unfortunately the book cover to the left is not mine. It’s the cover to Andy Rouse’s latest coffee table book titled “Concepts of Nature”. I’m a huge fan of both coffee and Andy’s work, and his latest book is no exception. In the book, Andy describes the process he has recently gone through as … Read More

Improving highlight detail

08/09/2008By MarijnBirds, Uncategorized

It is always a pleasure to be able to photograph a Common Kingfisher, our most colorful bird. However, they are notoriously difficult to expose correctly. At least, if you don’t want to burn the highlights on the white cheek patch. If you expose the kingfisher correctly, the white patch will come out too light or … Read More

Tritone conversion

06/08/2008By MarijnUncategorized

Today a travel image from Marrakesh, taken last year. I liked the original color image a lot, but felt it would convey the dark ‘tea-house-mood’ better in B&W. Instead of a plain B&W conversion, I chose tritone, a technique that gives an ‘antique’ feel to your image. Basically, it’s just B&W with two colors added … Read More

Follow the crowds

05/08/2008By MarijnUncategorized

Well, normally I try to go my own way in photography and I hate following the crowds. For this one time, I had to make an exception and be the next in (the long) line of people to have their own weblog. But for a reason: I simply cannot find the time to update my … Read More